Kartell Radiators Type 21

Buy Kartell Radiators Type 21 in different sizes from Crown DIY at low prices. These Kompact K-Rad Radiators are beautifully finished in white and have been manufactured with high-quality materials and precisely finished using the latest technology. These Kartell Kompact Radiators have two panels with one rows of fins, making them perfect for medium-sized and larger rooms where you are needing that extra BTU output to adequately and efficiently heat your room without losing the extra space you do with Type 22 Radiators. Double panel single convector radiators are also known P+ Radiators or Type 21.

These Kartell K-Rad Radiator are pre-packed in heavy-duty packaging and once your order is processed they are usually delivered safely next working day, via Kartell’s own range of delivery vans.

At Crown DIY we are proud to be have partnered with Kartell to supply Kartell Kompact Radiators around the UK at competitive prices. During the last ten years, we have sold plenty of these k-rad radiators in our local store and online through our website and received great feedback, but even in the rare event that something does go wrong, Kartell have a 10-year guarantee against any manufacturing faults on these type 21 radiators.

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